Exceptional french artisanary

Since 1935, Tapissier Seigneur remains faithful to its handcrafted tradition. In the creation of armchairs, sofas, window decor and wall hangings, Célia de Oliveira and Steven Renou are devoted to preserve the purest sense traditional handcraft in their work. They illustrate in their workshops, in the heart of Paris, the freedom of creation, the capacity for constant innovation and the transmission of exceptional expertise.

« There is no limit to the imagination of the upholsterer craftsman. »

Manager of the Seigneur workshop


Unique achievements

With its highly skilled artisans, the company designs and manufactures for the interior decoration of private and public spaces: residential, yachts, hotels, stores, … Today, the creations of Tapissier Seigneur shine all over the world thanks to the support of renowned architects and designers.

Valuable and innovative know-how

For its precious and innovative savoir-faire, Tapissier Seigneur has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label. The dynamism brought by Célia de Oliveira and Steven Renou leads the company to go forward in the respect of the environment by creating sustainable and timeless furniture pieces. They are also closely involved in training through the Compagnons du devoir as well as La Bonne Graine and the evolution of the upholsterer’s profession.

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